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implant in mana doctorului implanturi chisinau botanica

Tooth loss – an irreversible tragedy or a problem to be solved? About dental implants, bridges, prostheses

Dental clinics in Chisinau are increasingly confronted with a major problem specific to the Republic of Moldova, namely early tooth loss. The causes are highly diverse, but, certainly, almost 80% of children do not respect the rigors of oral hygiene – shocking, a threshold of about 30% did not use a toothbrush until the age […]

aparat dentar chisinau botanica pacient la stomatolog

What types of braces exist and where can you get them quickly, affordably, and stress-free in Chisinau (Botanica)?

Have you always wanted to have perfectly arranged teeth? Have you been looking at dental offices, various orthodontic services, but then constantly postponed visits to the dentists, preventing you from finally benefitting from a dental brace? The dental clinic in Chisinau Imperial Dent comes to your aid with some relevant information that you need to […]

sstomatolog copii chisinau

Pediatric dentistry – is it necessary to do it in a reputable dental clinic?

Dentistry for children, also known as pediatric dentistry, is a branch of medicine which deals with the diagnostic and treatment of dental ailments for children under 16. Pediatric dentistry supplies both primary and permanent teeth treatment for children while including prophylactic treatments, such as professional cleaning, tips for brushing teeth and much more. An early […]

tratament carii chisinau instrumente stomatologice

Treatment of tooth decay – why this condition is permanently among the top causes of visiting the dentist

Tooth decay is a destructive, chronic process affecting the solid tooth tissue, being the most common cause of tooth loss. Dental caries or tooth decay is the most common pathological condition that occurs in humans. Pulp infections, known as pulpitis, are caused by microorganisms and bacteria that usually start with tooth decay. Tooth decay can […]


Innovation and progress. How has dentistry evolved in recent decades?

Progress and technology are constantly evolving, they change and take more and more into account the needs of each individual. This also applies to the services provided by the Imperial Dent dental clinic, where we brought the most innovative equipment and experienced specialists to restore the strength of your smile, every day. How has the […]

servicii stomatologice chisinau instrumente, perie de dinti

Don’t postpone the routine visit to the dentist. Find out what the most popular dental procedures are, at the moment

Situations in which you urgently need a dentist make you understand that you need to take care of your teeth and not postpone prophylactic appointments, when you don’t have a toothache yet. Dental services in Chisinau are so high quality, that it’s a pity to forget about dental care. In case you haven’t visited your […]

tratament endodontic la microscop

Learn all you should know about root canal treatment (endodontics)

If there is inflammation of the tooth root, immediate dental treatment is needed. A root canal treatment under microscope can optimally cure the inner areas of diseased teeth with the help of a canal filling. In this procedure, experienced dentists and specialists use special techniques to treat the infection without recurrences. What is root canal […]

cabinet stomatologic clinica stomatologica chisinau

What dental services are required for a dental clinic? How do you distinguish a good dental clinic from an ordinary dental practice?

Dental problems and toothache can occur at any time due to several factors: failure to follow proper oral hygiene or incorrect nutrition. If they are not treated in time, they ruin your daily plans and you are in a hurry to look for a dental clinic and the right dentist who will save you from […]


Everything You Need to Know About Premium Dental Implants

The industry of dental implants has developed rapidly since 1965, when they were first used in stomatology. Since the appearance of the first titanium dental implants, manufacturing and processing technologies have changed enormously. However, what does a premium implant represent? Although the concept of the dental implant seems simple (a construction meant to replace a […]

Aparat ortodontic (brakets)

Dental braces

Dental braces are devices that work by applying constant pressure on the teeth in the desired direction for a certain period of time. Results don’t appear immediately. A mild, constant pressure needs to be applied to the teeth for a long period of time so that they might change their position in a healthy way. […]

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