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Aparat ortodontic (brakets)

Dental braces

Dental braces are devices that work by applying constant pressure on the teeth in the desired direction for a certain period of time. Results don’t appear immediately. A mild, constant pressure needs to be applied to the teeth for a long period of time so that they might change their position in a healthy way. […]

detartraj clinica stomatologica chisinau botanica

All you need to know about the dental plaque and the tartar

Both the dental plaque and the tartar are part of the basic problems in dentistry. Besides the negative effects on the aesthetic aspect of teeth and breathing, they can degenerate into serious dental conditions, with time (dental caries, periodontal diseases). Because many patients confuse these concepts and know too little about the methods of removing […]

dentist chisinau estetica dentara

Dental Aesthetics: a timeless concern

Dental aesthetics is a branch of dentistry that includes several domains, subdomains, and dental services: orthodontics, preventive dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, odontotherapy, implants; all gathered with a well-defined purpose: to have not only healthy teeth but also beautiful, to have a smile that produces only positive emotions. Dental aesthetics is an area that concerns not only […]

turism dentar

Dental tourism in Moldova – perfect symbiosis between a vacation abroad and a dental treatment

From one year to another, Moldova is more and more often visited by tourists, becoming the favourite destination for holidays for many European citizens and not only. Starting from the famous wineries, museums, cultural and architectural monuments and continuing with the mystery hidden by our monasteries, picturesque places in Moldova are an inestimable treasure awaiting […]

Endodonție microscopică în Chișinău

The endodontic microscope Carl Zeiss

The endodontic microscope used in dentistry increases the possibility of  preseving your natural teeth several times and guarantees a resolving treatment even in the most difficult cases. A private clinic in Chisinau must be equipped with such a microscope because its advantages are unquestionable and sometimes vital. What is Endodontics without a Microscope? An obsolete […]


How to choose your toothpaste – recommendations from dentists with experience

Did you know that the first toothpaste was made of salt, pepper, mint leaves and iris flowers? These were the ingredients the Egyptians gathered and formed the famous toothpaste. Currently the components in toothpaste are varied. Depending on the brand, they contain a number of elements that promise quite a lot for a healthy smile. […]

tratament endodontic la microscop

Endodontic treatment under microscope – how to get rid of a toothache quickly

Toothache is terrible! Violent, pulsating and, most of the time, unexpected, toothache immediately blocks the usual course of life. Usually, toothache is invalidating and means that there is somewhere an irritated nerve or at the root of the tooth there is an infection. Evolution of caries, abscesses, dental cracks or gum problems are accompanied by […]

clinica stomatologica Chisinau

Imperial Dent’s Policy. Why should you choose our dental services?

Quality dental services can only be obtained in a specialized dental clinic where the professional activity of all employees focuses on strict quality standards. Imperial Dent Dental Clinic is the guarantee of qualified medical help at the highest level of professionalism. Among the central priorities of the dental services provided are: the variety of treated […]

detartraj ultrasunet chisinau

The detarting procedure – what does it mean and when you need it

What is scaling? Definition, types of scaling, utility Scaling and root planing or the detartring procedure is a dental work that removes the bacterial plaque (soft deposition of bacteria) and tartar (calcification of the bacterial plaque) from the surface of teeth or dental work. The scaling can be done in 3 variants: ultrasonic scaling; manually […]

stomatologie chisinau imperialdent

Dental implant insertion – 6 indications for faster postoperative recovery

Dental implant is the most modern, practical and effective replacement solution for a missing tooth. The insertion of the dental implant involves surgical intervention that may result in a series of natural, non-mandatory, but often occurring manifestations. Here’s what they are: mild to moderate pain at the intervention site level; small bleeding; bruises and small […]

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