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Dental Implants

Dental implants - are part of our life. They help us to rebuild our denture and to have healthy teeth. The procedure is done without pain and very efficient.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are made in case of massive tooth destruction. They allow accurate restoration of the shape and color of the affected tooth and can be fixed on their own teeth or on dental implants.


From our experience with patients, we have noticed that one of the most common dental problems, caused by lack of hygiene and clear information about its consequences, is gingivitis.

Dentoalveolar Surgery

Dentoalveolar surgery is a solution for different complicated problems with the dento-maxillary system: apical granuloma, jaw cysts, included canines, etc.

Children's Dentistry

A healthy smile should start from childhood and last for a lifetime! We have a multidisciplinary team that takes care of your child's dentistry.

Endodontic Therapy

The primary purpose of this therapy is to create a sterile environment inside the tooth so the surrounding tissues, that have been affected, could heal.

Removable Dental Prosthesis

Removable Dental Prosthesis is not the most commonly used method of replacing missing teeth. It is used only if the patient can no longer benefit from fixed prosthesis, being the only option to restore the missing teeth.


Orthodontics is the branch in dentistry that deals with the correction of dentomaxial abnormalities. Orthodontics is dealing with straightening the position of the teeth.

Dental Tourism

The notion of dental tourism is becoming more and more popular, due to the quality of dental services in Moldova, in relation to low prices (compared to Europe, USA and other countries).

Meet Our Team

Our medical staff is comprised from experienced professionals
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Balta Olimpia

Director of the Dental Clinic “Imperial Dent”

Since 2014 she is one of the founders of the dental clinic "Imperial Dent", and she is also the director of this institution.


Balta Valerii

Dentist - Superior Category

Since 2014 he is one of the founders of the dental clinic "Imperial Dent", combining the function of general dentist and head physician of the institution.

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Onofrei Bogdan

Dentist - Superior Category

Since July 2019, he has been working as a general dentist at the “Imperial Dent” dental clinic. Bogdan is a wonderful specialist, with experience as a dental technician and extensive knowledge in general dentistry.


Mîrleanu Alexandru

Dentist - Superior Category

Since 2016 he is a general dentist in the dental clinic "Imperial Dent". He participates in numerous seminars and congresses, both national and international.


Dorina Bucur

Dentist and Pedodontist

Dorina graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu Mureș, Faculty of Dentistry. She participates in a large number of scientific conferences abroad: Romania (Târgu Mureș, Sovata), Greece.


Buracovschi Irina


A graduate of the "N. Testemitanu" University of Medicine, she has extensive work experience as a therapeutic dentist. Participate in congresses led by local and international lecturers.

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The image guarantees success, and a beautiful image becomes perfect with a perfect smile.

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How to prevent cavities and gum diseases

Destructive dental conditions like cavities and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity have become some of the most common reasons for dental visits lately. This is attributed to both external and internal factors, such as poor water and food quality, inadequate eating habits, vitamin deficiencies, lack of hygiene, and, most importantly, avoiding necessary dental visits. […]


Dental X-rays and the prevention of dental Conditions: how can such investihations help you prevent future problems

In the field of modern dentistry, technology has advanced significantly, providing more precise and efficient solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions. Dental radiography is one of these essential diagnostic technologies that has revolutionized how dentists identify and prevent dental problems. At Imperial Dent – a dental clinic in Chișinău, advanced dental radiography […]

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I was with my kid at many dental practitioners ... negative emotions, crying, but when a child says, "Mum, when we need to go to the dentist, we should come here!" I remained with positive emotions. Thank you!

Olga Dimitriev PATIENT

If you want a good dentist and a good dental office, where the emphasis is on quality and on fair prices, do not hesitate to go to "Imperial Dent" at Dr. Valerii Balta.

Tanea Danilov PATIENT

The best clinic, the best dentist, Mr. Valeriu Balta! He has been my dentist for about 10 years and I have recommended him to at least 20 people who have been very pleased and who are currently are his pacients.

Lena Galben PATIENT

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