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Dental implants

The lack of teeth can be solved by dental implants. The dental implant is a titanium device inserted into the jaw bone to replace one or more teeth. A dental implant is made up of several parts, the essence consisting, in fact, from the sequence of necessary interventions for the implant to become functional.

Implantology is a relatively recent dental field, but due to the success of implants to correct the lack of teeth and therefore the increasing demand for implants, phenomenal expansion has taken place over the last decades. New devices are being developed in implantology, new materials are being used, surgical and prosthetic methods are created to increase the quality, lifespan and success rate of dental implants.

There are several components that together create a dental implant. At the base is a metallic screw-like component - it is implanted in the bone first. After this first stage, the bone and gum are healed and gradually build up tissue that firmly adheres to the surface of the implant (through natural osteointegration).

The other components of the implant are the healing head, the artificial bust and prosthetic work (other synonyms - crown, deck, denture). They are applied after the supporting tissues have returned - this is the final stage of installation for most dental implants. Obviously, there are individual nuances that can intervene in the process, but they can only be clarified in a direct discussion with the dentist (for example, in a free consultation at the dental clinic of Chisinau, Imperial Dent).

Many patients believe that age is important in choosing between a mobile dental prosthesis and dental implants. In fact, the only criterion for determining whether someone is a good candidate for dental implantation is his / her health condition, which does not necessarily depend on age.

Those who do not consider the absence of teeth but an aesthetic defect delve deeply. Over time, even the absence of a single tooth can have serious consequences, including the health of the person. The teeth will change their position, affecting not only aesthetically, but also functional the patient. Mastication and phonetics will suffer. There are also changes in the bone, it is gradually being resolved. Lack of prompt treatment can complicate further interventions or make it impossible.

Cost is one of the factors that influence patients who are thinking of dental implants. When considering this option, the benefits of this method, from functional to medical, should be taken into account (as mentioned above, a quick intervention costs less than a late one).

Pain in implantology was eliminated almost completely, due to the improvement of surgical techniques and methods of anesthesia. The obvious benefits of the Imperial Dent dental clinic are highly qualified staff and appropriate materials, including qualitative anesthesia, which would remove the discomfort during the intervention.

The life of the implants is extremely good. By comparing the benefits gained with the efforts made and the resources used, it is easy to conclude that a qualitative dental implant is a long-term investment in health but also in social life.

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