Înălbirea dinților - una dintre cele mai întrebate proceduri stomatologice

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure designed to replenish the natural color of teeth or even to make it lighter with a few tones (depending on the patient's desire). Recently, teeth whitening has a greater and greater popularity among patients.

Essentially, teeth are permanently subject to various factors, which influence their structure and color to a certain extent. Obviously, first of all, an important role has the dental hygiene, which dictates to a large extent the nuance of teeth (the old plate has an unpleasant color and spoils the aesthetic aspect of the teeth). Here is a list of several other factors that may invoke the need to make teeth whitening:

  • Age - with age, teeth lose vitality, suffer mechanical, physical and chemical changes, can lose the initial hue;
  • Food habits - certain fruits, vegetables, or spices affect the color of teeth, as well as the use of tea, coffee or red wine;
  • Treatments - some antibiotics cause yellowing of the teeth, iron supplements can make them darker, even some dental procedures can change the color of the teeth (teeth that have undergone endodontic treatment often undergo color changes);
  • Vices - smoking is one of the biggest enemies of white and shiny teeth.

Regular visiting a good dentist will influence your desire to make a teeth whitening. What every patient needs to know is that in order to resort to the teeth whitening procedure, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the teeth. All cavities should be treated, just like any gingivitis or periodontal disease. To prevent a possible dental sensitivity, doctors at the Imperial Dent – a stomatological clinic in Chișinău recommend using a sensitive toothpaste for several weeks before the procedure.

It would also be advisable to initiate a dental procedure called detart. It will remove bacterial plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth, facilitating the subsequent whitening of the teeth.

There are several ways in which teeth whitening can be done.

Teeth whitening at home can be done by applying the self-whitening gel. This option uses plastic mouthpieces to support the gel.

They are made in the dental clinic to suit each individual patient and must be applied on the tooth with the gel inside, during the night.

There are also strips that operate according to a similar principle but do not have the same overlap as the plastic molds created by the dentists.

The teeth bleaching in the dental clinic is also done by using special gels, which however can only be used by a specialist in the field, under proper conditions - a well-equipped dental clinic. Several sessions may be required, depending on the initial color of the teeth (determined by a color key), the individual peculiarities and the expected result.

It is necessary to have the teeth whitening procedure carried out in a dental clinic so that it is possible to isolate the gums and apply correctly the whitening substance, also, it has the right medical devices.

It is recommended to avoid the procedure in the cosmetic cabinets because only a stomatological clinic has all the possibilities for keeping aseptic conditions (disinfecting instruments, the devices). Also, the teeth whitening procedure remains a medical intervention, which affects the condition of teeth and their health, thus requiring a dose of responsibility, but also a change in lifestyle later.

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