Odontology - treatment for caries and injuries of the teeth


Odontology is both a science and a branch of dental medicine that includes dental services and deals with the treatment of caries, coronary diseases, and dental pains. Dental caries is the most common causes of visits to the dentist. According to data provided by the World Health Organization, 81% of Moldovans suffer from dental caries.

Dental caries is one of the most common chronic pathological processes of the entire human body, affecting 25% of children aged 6-11 years, 59% of the 12-19 year-olds, 28% aged 35-44 and 18% of people older than 65 years.

Dental caries can cause difficult complications, in the absence of timely treatment. The presence of even one dental caries increases the risk of illness in other body systems. Often, patients get to the dentist after the cavity affects the tooth up to the nerve, causing unbearable pain. Deeply affected teeth can lose their vitality completely, to the necessity of a final dental extraction - a blow to health but also to the budget because the price for dental services often depends on the severity of the situation.

Although the specific causes for the appearance of tooth decay are not defined, there are some theories. Besides the genetic and geographic factor, hygiene habits (insufficient brushing, lack of routine of mouthwash and dental floss) play a big role, as well as the fact that people are not used to prophylactic visits to the dentist. There is also the food factor (excessive use of sugar), a factor aggravated by poor hygiene.

Odontology is the optimal solution for dental tissue defects, whether it is dental caries or any other defect (fractures, wear injuries). The missing dental part is reconstituted using composite materials similar to the dental enamel both functionally and aesthetically.

The most common treatment applied in odontology is dental filling. Sometimes, as in the case of cracks, ceramic facades can be applied. The general essence is the removal of the lesion and restoration of dental integrity, for the maximum comfort of the patients.

The Dental Clinic in Chisinau Imperial Dent awaits you to get a free consultation and to determine the health of the teeth. Even if you are lucky to be one of the two out of 10 Moldovans who are not affected by dental caries, you will be aware of the general state of teeth and you will receive precious tips to avoid problems in the future.

Even young children are not afraid of dental problems, with specialists recommending that the first visit to the dentist be scheduled after the first teeth appear. Applying fluoride protection will protect babies from cavities, and the friendly atmosphere in the clinic will lay the foundation for a positive attitude towards the dentist.

One important thing to remember is that preventing an illness is easier than treating it and treating it from the start is more effective, less costly and without much trouble compared to late treatment. A positive attitude towards dentistry and specialists in the field can bring you many benefits and a wide, brilliant smile, anytime and anywhere.

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