Endodontic treatment

Endodontics is a dental specialty, which targets dental pulp and apical periodontitis. The notion includes both the study and dental services - the treatment of conditions related to them.

Endodontic treatment includes a series of dental procedures performed to eliminate dental pulp infection and avoid repeated contamination of the treated area with other microbial agents.

In other words, endodontic treatment has three main purposes:

  • Elimination of infection in the root canal system (removal of affected tissues).
  • Modeling a suitable shape of the root canal for sealing.
  • Plumbing the root canal system to preserve the positive therapeutic effect (prevention of relapses).

There are various cases where an endodontic treatment is needed. The most common causes of inflammation or dental pulp infection are deep cavities, inappropriate fillings, dental trauma. General and local infections can also get to the dental pulp.

Endodontic treatment should include the following steps:

  • Clinically precise diagnosis.
  • Ensuring maximum aseptic conditions for work in safety.
  • Anesthesia.
  • Providing the earliest access to the root canal holes.
  • Determining the exact length of the tooth or channel.
  • Instrumental passage, extension, and formation of the root canal.
  • Disinfection and hygiene of the root canal (performed simultaneously with the previous stage).
  • Closing the root canal and final control.

Mechanical treatment is the basis of all dental procedures. The dentist removes inflamed/infected tissue, completely cleansing the root canal. Effective anesthesia protects patients from any possible discomfort at this stage while allowing the doctor to effectively prepare the ground for the next stages.

Disinfection of root canals is done with drug substances. It is important to destroy any bacteria in the canals because filling should be done in a perfectly clean environment. In complicated cases, disinfection can take place in several successive stages.

The filling of the dental cavity and the dental cavity is made with special materials, sometimes requiring a dental crown or obturation. Patients gain a double advantage: they get rid of acute symptoms (pain, pulse, inability to talk or chew) and get a natural looking tooth that is also functional.

Many patients resort to dental services in the capital, because in a private dental clinic in Chisinau you find everything you need for effective and safe treatment. All stages of endodontic treatment require good knowledge, excellent materials, and perfect working conditions.

Many patients wonder what the alternatives to endodontic treatment are. Once the infection has been installed in the dental pulp, the only option besides channel disinfection is dental extraction. The absence of the affected tooth can be repaired by dental implants, mobile dentures or dental bridges. The decision belongs to the patient, the dentist will do everything possible for a satisfactory outcome in accordance with this judgment.

Endodontic procedures are part of the practical skills of dentists in general, but there are physicians who narrowly specialize in this field. The dental clinic Imperial Dent has everything you need for a complex treatment, both techniques, and professionally qualified specialists. Any fear of these procedures is irrational because the chances of success of an endodontic treatment according to the rules and if quality materials are used - are very good.

The most important thing is that the intervention is prompt and the treatment performed on time. If you are looking for a good dentist in Chisinau, you will be met with a positive attitude at the dental clinic Imperial Dent to regain your smile!

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