Dental Alveolar Surgery

Dental Alveolar Surgery is a particularly distinctive branch of stomatology because it is at the intersection of quite extensive areas - applied dentistry and oro-maxillo-facial surgery. In other words, dental alveolar surgery targets all the teeth, oral, face and even neck trauma and trauma, as well as facial bones - conditions requiring complex treatment (sometimes requiring the use of therapeutic or orthodontic methods). Often prior to dental surgery (when there is enough time - in the case of planned interventions), the oral cavity is undergoing as well as a series of investigations.

Of the inflammatory conditions requiring surgery, the most common are periodontitis, periostitis, osteomyelitis, abscesses, etc. Although many illnesses may be treated less invasively at lighter stages, there are still people who only see the stomatologist as a last resort. Certainly, often dental alveolar surgery is required for such problems as oro-maxillofacial traumas of different origins, in such cases a number of manipulations to restore integrity, to correct defects, etc. are often required. There are also a number of defects that can be removed surgically - the "mind", benign tumors, cysts or granulomas. The dentist should even be able to perform a tracheostomy if necessary.

Dental alveolar surgery is usually divided into emergency and planned interventions. Emergency operations are necessary for acute problems or situations that cause considerable discomfort in the patient's life. Planned operations are equally important and can not be avoided in their turn, but can be organized in time for a specific day and time.

Urgent operations are:

  • extraction of affected teeth, dystopia;
  • opening and processing of cavities full of puss in acute periostitis, abscesses, lymphadenitis or osteomyelitis;
  • applying sutures in soft tissue trauma;
  • repositioning facial skeleton fragments and immobilizing into maxillary/mandibular fractures;
  • reposition of the mandible in case of dislocations.

The planned operations are:

  • replanting, transplantation, implantation of teeth;
  • hemisection, resection of the tooth root;
  • excision of small benign tumors of soft tissues and dental alveolar bone;
  • taking tissues for biopsy;
  • periodontal operations, elimination of salivary stones from channels;
  • removing foreign bodies.

Treatment is not only about the stomatological operation itself but also includes a post-intervention observation period to determine the need for rehabilitation or additional interventions. Although for many patients dental surgery seems to be a very invasive measure, it can actually go much easier than other dental procedures, because many require a much stronger anesthesia and often solve the problem in one "hit".

The environment in which operations are performed is also extremely important. The quality of dental services, including those in dental alveolar surgery, is based on three pillars:

  • adherence to aseptic and antiseptic rules;
  • a space perfectly suited for surgery, with all the necessary tools and equipment;
  • experienced specialists, ready for any situation and able to solve problems in a timely manner, with good communication skills and the ability to interact effectively with patients.

The dental clinic in Chişinău Imperial Dent ensures all these conditions and even more. Patients are greeted with warmth and professionalism, starting from the first – by the way, free consultation and ending with the necessary interventions and recovery treatment. The clinic has the space for interventions, the tools and preparations that are needed and the surgeon has the best team - responsible for most of the operations performed in the clinic (typical or atypical extractions of the teeth, implants, bone augmentation, sinus lift, opening abscesses, treatment of alveolitis, apical resections, hemisections).

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