Orthodontics is a particular branch of stomatology that addresses all aspects of maxillary dental anomalies, starting from the possible causes and ending with the diagnosis and treatment methods of these problems. Orthodontics refers to impediments such as the incorrect (or inconvenient) position of the teeth, the ratio between the upper and lower jaws, but also the occlusion adjustment. At all stages of the teeth development, factors that alter the anatomical-correct position of the teeth can occur, which makes the number of patients addressing the correction of maxillary dental anomalies is steadily increasing. At the same time, more and more people want a pleasant smile, a positive impression on others, and a perfect functionality of dentures - as modern technologies allow it to be corrected. Imperial Dent Clinic is one of the best stomatological clinics in the field of orthodontics in Chisinau, Moldova.

If the aesthetic aspect can be overlooked to some extent, then physical problems, such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction or neck, shoulder, and back pain (sometimes headaches) caused by extra effort on the formations anatomical, are certainly able to impose on patients an emergency of treatment. In this context, an orthodontic appliance seems a much better option than the absence of any intervention.

Therefore, the tasks of orthodontics are multiple, but the most important and those worth mentioning are:

  • improving facial aesthetics;
  • relieving dental alignment;
  • improving chewing function and articular balance;
  • restoring interdental relations.

Of course, the quicker is the correction process started, the more effective is, but in recent decades maxillary dental anomalies correction technologies have evolved so that not only children and adolescents can benefit from it but also adults. It's never too late to learn to smile broadly.

There are a number of methods to investigate patients with such problems:

  • functional clinical samples;
  • biometric methods of research of maxillary models;
  • graphical research methods of maxillary models;
  • photometric research methods;
  • radiographic research methods;
  • investigating the functional state of the dental-alveolar system;
  • determining the skeletal ossification level.

According to the principle of action, there are four groups of orthodontic appliances, each of which includes a number of other types. The essence would be that there are very, very many kinds of orthodontic appliances (as well as the problems that need to be solved through them). And because orthodontic appliances in Chisinau are the best in Moldova, most patients prefer to treat their problems here. For each patient, stomatologists at Imperial Dent choose the right type of orthodontic appliance to correct any problem. There are a lot of factors that influence this choice, from the patient's age to the personal preferences (each orthodontic appliance has not only its indications but also advantages and disadvantages). Whether the patient prefers to opt for an invisible orthodontic appliance because he does not want to demonstrate the treatment, for a colorful orthodontic appliance, according to his age or for a fixed metal orthodontic appliance, for the fastest results, each case is individual and Imperial Dent offers the opportunity to choose the optimal method.

In addition to the use of orthodontic appliances and surgery, orthodontics also have a number of treatment methods, such as physiotherapy, for example. The most important thing is that the treatment is driven with perseverance and confidence in the end result.

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