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Removable Dental Prostheses

Removable dental prostheses can be a temporary or permanent solution for the absence of a tooth or even of all them. Sometimes it is only a step that precedes fixed prostheses, but some patients stay with this option.

There are two types of removable dentures:

-partial removable dentures, built around the teeth existing at the moment;

-total removable prostheses, that replace all lost teeth.

The artificial dental prostheses are artificial teeth, which imitate perfectly the shape and position of the natural teeth, thanks to the common effort of the dentist and the dental technician.

At the dental clinic from Chisinau - Imperial Dent, patients can opt for some types of removable dental prostheses, namely: removable prostheses partially made from acrylic resin, all-acrylic resin removable partial dentures and prostheses made from Bio Dentaplast. Everyone can choose the optimal one for themselves with the help of dentists. Because patients at Imperial Dent can get a free dental consultation, anyone can choose what suits them best.

There are a number of advantages of the method:

  • Convenient price, accessible to a large number of people;
  • Possibility to remove the prosthesis, that leads to a personalized use;
  • With proper care, it can serve for a long time;
  • Many removable dental prostheses are compatible with high performance adhesive substances, which greatly increase their stability, making speech and mastication easier;
  • They can be replaced at any time by a fixed dental prosthesis at the patient's request.

Of course there are some incidents, the most frequent being related to the fact that each patient has his individual capacities of accommodation, personal hygiene routine, etc. However, if the prosthesis is a qualitative one and the patient is properly trained and collaborates effectively with the dentist, the dental prosthesis can guarantee a normal life.

The life of a prosthesis can be a really long one, of course with the proper care givven. Even if it is worn out in time, the dentist can help by restoring the denture layer that does not correspond to the jaw bone. Periodic hygiene of prostheses helps keep them in good shape.

Here are some useful tips for cleaning dental prostheses:

  • The prostheses should be cleaned above a water jar, full sink or towel, to avoid damage in the event of a fall.
  • The brush used must be a special one, designed for cleaning prostheses or if it’s a simple one, at least it has to be a gentle, soft brush.
  • Most prostheses can be cleaned with common solutions, but there are also special prosthetic cleanser products. Strong detergents and the use of heavy abrasive toothpaste are not recommended.
  • The hygiene of the oral cavity must be good enough. After each meal it’s recommended to clean the oral cavity, the use of mouthwash is also necessary.

The Imperial Dent dental clinic has everything you need to give their patients the best prostheses, according to individual needs and possibilities. Modern technologies make a glamorous smile possible at any age, with all the advantages of a perfectly functional denture. A large smile is not a privilege, but a necessity.

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