Children's Dentistry

Children's dentistry is a special domain that combines knowledge of dentistry with pediatrics. Although many parents may consider that temporary teeth do not require special interventions, children need care from the apparition of their first teeth.
Until recently, it was considered that the optimal age for the first visit to the dentist would be 3 years. In the last few years, the opinions of the specialists are shared. Indeed, at the age of 3, the child is receptive to the demands of the parents and the dentist. However, experts believe that dental services for children are needed when the first teeth appear - from 6 months to one year. Therefore, the average age for the first visit to the dentist is 9 months.
Babies are predisposed to cavities, they can appear faster - even before the temporary teeth appear completely. There are multiple causes (children's teeth are not mature enough, they don't have the maximum hardness, also, there's the specific nutrition and difficult hygiene) and factors that can influence the health of the child's teeth (including genetics or habits developed by parents).
When we talk about dentistry for children, what most people will think of is a dental clinic for children. What really matters, however, is the specialist who will take care of the child. Children's dentistry has several distinct nuances. Besides the perfect knowledge in the field, the doctor will need patience, knowledge of psychology and experience. Exactly such specialists can be found at Imperial Dent - a dental clinic in Chisinau.
Here are some reasons to take your child to a dentist early:
• The doctor may apply a fluoridating lacquer to the teeth (studies have shown that this method reduces the chance of caries later);
• The child has the opportunity to establish a positive attitude towards the dentist. For this purpose, some doctors organize a fun visit, in which they only become acquainted with the little patient.
• Parents have the opportunity to learn about methods of oral hygiene, mouthwash, and toothpick use;
• The child will become accustomed to the routine of the visits to the dentist without being compulsorily bound by the feeling of pain or fear.
The small patient should feel comfortable, so preventive visits are also recommended by psychologists. Most phobias are formed in the early childhood, so it is extremely important for the babies to associate the dental office with a pleasant sensation.
Parents can follow these tips in order to ensure a good response from the child:
• Ensure that the little one is rested, full and happy;
• Talk to the child, explain the purpose of the visit as simple as possible and tell him about what will happen;
• Do your best to avoid pain at the first visit;
• Do not tell stories to the child and do not "scare" it with the doctor or injections.
At Imperial Dent, children have the proper attention, and the treatment with high-performance technique ensures minimal discomfort and therefore a positive attitude in the future.

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